Leading Home Elevator Manufacturer


When choosing a residential elevator, you do not only need to find the perfect elevator for your needs, but also a reliable home elevator manufacturer with a proven history of success and meeting customers’ expectations.

Our company, with decades of experience and thousands of home elevators sold worldwide, has built a strong reputation as one of the most cutting-edge home elevator manufacturers.
Our luxury and design residential elevators blend technology, style and offer vertical mobility for any residential application.
For more than 50 years, IGV has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the vertical mobility, becoming a worldwide leading elevator manufacturer of custom residential solutions.

Our design home elevator models stand out for their appearance and high safety ratings, which make them the ideal choice for a house elevator. Our unique design is based around our innovative technology, and we are proud to be the leading manufacturer for top quality residential elevators.


Elevator Manufacturer since 1966

IGV exports to more than 70 countries 70% of its total production, representing the excellence of Made in Italy.