The Factory

With 22,000 square meters of covered area, the factory is the core of the company, where our products are shaped and manufactured.

The new production ranges are the result of an investment of 3.5 million euros, strongly supported by the Volpe family, owner of IGV Group, who has always strived to keep the activity in Vignate, without relocating. This is even more impressive if you think that IGV, besides being leader in Italy, exports abroad more than 70% of its production.

«Our choice was against the general trend, because in times of economic crisis we invested in technology innovation and new professional resources, keeping our premises in Italy.»

eng. Giuseppe Volpe, IGV president

«We invested 3.5 million euros in the new production line. The reason for our success? We combine technological excellence and design.»

eng. Matteo Volpe, General Director

22,000 sqm for production dept.

New Machines

Laser machines and machines for the automated folding of metal sheet panels have been deployed, allowing time-saving and enhanced accuracy over the manufacturing process. Machines can operate 24/7 without human supervision.