The Custom Home Elevator Tailored to your Needs

Fully-Enclosed Passenger Cab

The DomusLift home elevator is equipped with a fully enclosed cab without open work. There is no gap between cab and hoistway door. This means a safer and simpler use any time.

Machine Room-Less

The controller is located inside a landing door frame or inside a dedicate control room, thus there is no need for extra space.

Space Saving

The DomusLift home elevator silhouette is lean and compact. It only requires 8” for the pit, while minimum headroom is 9’-6’’. There will be no waste of space or need for deep excavation.

Comfort and Quietness

For maximum passenger comfort, the DomusLift is equipped with an ultra-smooth drive system (gearless motor system) ensuring extremely silent and smooth movements during start, accelerate and deceleration.

Green Features

The DomusLift elevator consumes less than 10 Amp, the same power amount of a small electrical appliance. The use of the inverter reduces starting power. The LED lighting in the cab and the auto-off lighting systems when the home elevator is not operating ensure additional energy saving. Parking mode at landing avoids unnecessary travels and waiting times.

The DomusLift residential elevator has earned the highest rating in energy efficiency, based on standards set by the prestigious German Engineering Association, Verei Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI).

Upgraded Performance

Aside from the speed, which is slower being a system for personal and residential use, the DomusLift has been designed to offer the same levels of safety, comfort and durability of a commercial elevator.


IGV Group SpA operates through a network of selected and licensed dealers in USA. Technicians are periodically trained on site and at IGV Group SpA Training Centre in Italy.

Simple Maintenance

Thanks to its integrated and consistent design, the DomusLift is a quality product born from strong manufacturing experience. Thus it requires minimal and basic service.

Proven Technology

The DomusLift is built to last: 30,000 DomusLift home elevators operating worldwide for proven quality and reliability of this innovative elevator system.

Complete Package

Whatever model you choose, with the DomusLift elevator system you will be offered a complete solution: from doors, floorings, to a wide selection of finishes and accessories that you can choose to match the desired configuration and aesthetics.

Custom Home Elevator

The DomusLift is custom built and designed to fit almost anywhere within your home, with minimal impact on architecture. A team of engineers and technicians will work on your project in order to propose the best solution for your home.

Hoistway Options

The DomusLift can be easily incorporated into an existing or pre-built masonry hoistway. Additionally, the DomusLift can be installed in a stand-alone hoistway structure. This residential elevator solution, which requires local building code approval, is proposed in painted iron (almost all range of colors) or elegant aluminum with beautiful finishes to match the cab interior décor.


2-year warranty after elevator commissioning.

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