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Art, especially Italian art, is the ultimate beauty… and beauty helps to live better.

Luckily, after centuries in which artworks were a privilege for few and only meant for museums, churches and castles, modern times gave us back the works of art. These can be welcomed everywhere, because art does not belong to space or time.

So, why not letting artworks enter our homes and our lives? Why not enjoying paintings or marble statues daily?

This is the core concept of the IGV Group project. The elegance of Hayez, the genius of Michelangelo, the harmony of Botticelli are not fossilised into museums and churches, they come alive in our homes.

IGV Group has been striving for years towards a new concept of lift. The lift should become a design object with the typical beauty of made in Italy products. For years, DomusLift has been dressing its royal mantle with new colours, shapes and lights.

This is the perfect match, the small home lift sets new standard. It is not a simply ornamental decoration, but the symbol of Italian art.

…start dreaming

The Kiss

Francesco Hayez

Brera Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

The Kiss is a painting by the Italian artist Francesco Hayez. It is possibly his best known work. This painting conveys the main features of Italian Romanticism and has come to represent the spirit of the Risorgimento. It was commissioned by Alfonso Maria Visconti di Saliceto, who donated to the Pinacoteca di Brera after his death.
The canvas was shown at the Brera Exhibition in 1859, held a few months after the entry of Vittorio Emanuele II and Napoleon III into Milan, but became part of the Pinacoteca collection only in 1886.
It is one of the emblematic images of the Pinacoteca and perhaps the most widely reproduced Italian painting of the 19th century. It was painted with the aim of symbolizing the love of the motherland and thirst for life of the young nation emerging from the Second War of Independence and which placed so many hopes in its new rulers.
It proved an immediate and resounding success both for its patriotic values and for the medieval inspiration of the subject.


Brera Art Gallery

Milan, Italy

The Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Art Gallery) was officially established in 1809, though the first collection with educational purpose existed already in 1776, alongside the Accademia di Belle Arti, commissioned by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria to offer the students the opportunity to study art masterpieces.
Today, the Pinacoteca is located in the Palazzo Brera, home to other cultural institutions such as the Brera Library, the Astronomic Observatory, the Botanical Garden, the Lombard Institute for Science and Art and the Academy of Fine Arts.

Pinacoteca di Brera – Via Brera, 28 – 20121 Milan, Italy

To learn more, please visit the Brera Aret Gallery website:

Brera’s Masterpieces

The Pinacoteca di Brera’s art collection includes several of the greatest masterpieces in the history of art.
Masterpieces by Italian artists from the 14th to the 19th century and by some of the greatest international artists are collected in 38 rooms: Piero della Francesca, Mantegna, Raffaello, Bramante, Caravaggio, Tintoretto, Bellini.
At the centre of the courtyard, the work by Canova representing Napoleon. Among the most famous paintings: the “Sposalizio della Vergine” by Raffaello, the “Cristo Morto” by Mantegna and the “Pietà” by Bellini.


Michelangelo Buonarroti

The Accademia Gallery, Florence, Italy

“When all was finished, it cannot be denied that this work has carried off the palm from all other statues, modern or ancient, Greek or Latin; no other artwork is equal to it in any respect, with such just proportion, beauty and excellence did Michelagnolo finish it”.

Better than anyone else, Giorgio Vasari introduces in a few words the marvel of one of the greatest masterpieces ever created by mankind.
This astonishing Renaissance sculpture was created between 1501 and 1504. It is a 14.0 ft marble statue depicting the Biblical hero David, represented as a standing male nude.
Originally commissioned by the Opera del Duomo for the Cathedral of Florence, it was meant to be one of a series of large statues to be positioned in the niches of the cathedral’s tribunes, way up at about 80mt from the ground.
Michelangelo was only 26 years old in 1501, but he was already the most famous and best paid artist in his days. He accepted the challenge with enthusiasm to sculpt a large scale David and worked constantly for over two years to create one of his most breathtaking masterpieces of gleaming white marble.

Birth of Venus

Sandro Botticelli

The Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

The Birth of Venus is undoubtedly one of the most famous and appreciated works of art. Painted by Sandro Botticelli between 1482 and 1485, it has become a landmark of XV century Italian painting, so rich in meaning and allegorical references to antiquity.
Venus is portrayed naked on a shell on the seashore; on her left the winds blow gently caressing her hair with a shower of roses, on her right a handmaid waits for the goddess to go closer to dress her shy body. The meadow is sprinkled with violets, symbol of modesty but often used for love potions. The work stands for the birth of love and the spiritual beauty as a driving force of life.
The Medici commissioned the Birth of Venus, including the works Pallas and the Allegory of Spring at the Uffizi, and these belonged to Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici, a cousin of Lorenzo the Magnificent.
An exceptional technique and fine materials were used to accomplish the work. The Birth of Venus is the first example in Tuscany of a painting on canvas. The special use of expensive alabaster powder, making the colours even brighter and timeless, is another characteristic that makes this work unique.

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